Summer Bracelet

Something special for each summer*

So i just finished creating this year's summer bracelet.What?You don't know what a summer bracelet is?Well a couple of years ago i started making bracelets (pretty much like good luck charms) for each summer...So before i go for vacations or before summer officially begin i make a unique (or kind of unique) bracelet that i wear every day ,without taking it of at all, during summer -sometimes i continue wearing it during winter.

So here i have some photos of my previous bracelets and also from the one i just made. So this is the one that i was wearing on summer 2008 ( i obviously cannot wear it anymore cause it broke).It was a really simple bracelet made of a blue cord and 2 little pink shells.I really loved it and it was creating a nice sound when i was moving my hand!

This is the one of summer 2009 (aka last summer).A pink elastic rope with a pink fishy :) Hear it looks so huge because the elastic is kind of broken and it is melting (?!).And this is the one that i'm gonna be wearing for this summer.It's not that special but i've been wanting a single pearl bracelet for a long time and i couldn't find one in a reasonable price.So i made it myself! ;)

Question of the post:What are you doing to make each summer special?

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