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Sunglasses madness*

I was always obsessive with sunglasses.
The first thing that i would look for at any accessories store were sunglasses.
I am wearing sunglasses all the time.Even in winter,which in fact is not so crazy cause it is quite sunny here even during winter.
As a result right now i have a rather big collection (considering that having one or two pairs it's ok for most normal people).
So in this post i'm gonna show you part of my collection and talk about each pair.Maybe you'll be insired and i'll help you decide what kind of sunglasses you want,maybe not...we'll see ;)

1. Huge Black
This is a must have piece.It will never go out of style.It can always save you during a lazy day that you're so tired to put make up or after a crazy night (huge black under eye circles)

2.Huge White
A definite-go-for for all of you that get during the summer (or have naturally medium to dark coloured skin).They look so pretty on.So stylish.3.Weird shaped
Nice if you want to make a difference and they look good on your face.
Make sure to try them on at the store.
4.Bright Coloured
Great choice if you like attention (and for sure if you are young -i wouldn't recommend those for ages >25 :/).Personally i stopped wearing them when i realised that coral is not my colour x)

5.Huge Brown
An alternative if you're more into brown.

6.Cute touch
An amazing choice.Personally my favourite pair.Unique.Special.Cute.

Information about the sunglasses:
1.From H&M (this season)
2.From H&M (this season)
3.From Marks and Spencer (last season)
4.From H&M (last season)
5.From Bershka (last season)
6.From H&M (this season)

Sorry if some of the pairs look like they are dirty.

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