How to:Summer bracelet

How i made my summer bracelet*

It's really not that hard and maybe doen't really need a description or a special blog post.But i have a couple of photos showing what i did.So why not using them?

Step 1.Find what you're gonna need.
Personally i found an old pearl headband which i had transformed into a pearl necklace and i didn't want it anymore and an rubber-elastic thing.

then i just cut the necklace and collected the pearls.I also cut the the elastic band

Step 2.Start creating
I just took the elastic and started placing it thought the holes that the pearls had.It's easy but can take a while.

Step 3.Put the two ends of the elastic band together and tie multiple knots in order to keep it in place for longer time.
Step 4.Wear your bracelet.Your bracelet is done!

Question of the post:Do you like creating your own accesories?

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