Shopping Time

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Recently i went for shopping and here are some of the things that i got.

A knitted short-sleeved cardigan from zara.It was on sale so i got it for 13 € (the original price was 26 €-50% off!YEAH!).The colour is really nice.Kind of goldish beige.It goes with pretty much everything and i'm gonna be wearing it during all chilly summer nights!
Then i got a simple long pearl necklace from H&M.It wasn't something that i wanted but it was only 1€ so why not?!

Then i got a simple really thin (almost see-through) top from H&M in a light peachy colour.(price:4,95 €)

A simple V-neck t-shirt from zara in light grey.
-btw i didn't realise that the size was L until i was at the checkout...It fitted me as if it was Small!.weird huh?-

Then some cosmetics from H&M.They were also on sale for 1 € /each...So i got them...

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