Product Review: Hello Kitty by H&M

Hello Kitty + H&M = Cosmetics *

As a lot of you know for quite a long time now h&m has launched a cosmetic line with hello kitty.
So i was shopping the other day and in my surprise some of these products were on sale (quite weird because "normal" h&m beauty supplies weren't on sale).So they had this crazy thing 1€/each product ,so i got 3 of the products that i liked (they also had a green body spray that smelled really nasty,a mirror with hello kitty on ,a hair-brush).
The first thing that i got is an eyeshadow pallette with 4 eyeshadows.The original price was 3.95€ so that made me think about how overpriced some products are!

The name of the pallette is Kitty high summer beauty and it is from the Peace And Love Collection.
It comes with 12 g. of product ,2 spongetip applicatorsand 4 colours of eyeshadow. Purple,Green,Pink,Silver
All four of them are really shimmery so i guess i'm only gonna be using them at night.
The idea of having 4 spongetip applicators i think is great because you can use each for a different eyeshadow colour.How smart?
They are really pigmented (i just touched each colour and then applied it on the back of my hand).purple,silver,pink,green
The only "bad" thing about this palette is that the silver eyeshadow is smaller than the other ones and it is the one that i'm gonna use the most,and that green and purple are quite "crazy" colours and it's difficult to put on an eyelook and don't look like you're coming from the carnival!
But considering the price it is a rather good product.
I also got 2 lipglosses.The one was the coconut lime flavour.

It was also for 1 € and the original price was 1.95€.
The thing that i love about this lipgloss is that it actually smells like coconut!
I love this smell so i had to have it!The other one was the raspberry flavour.It was also 1,95€ originally.
This one smells like candy.Similar smell to all lipglosses.Not so much like rasberry.

Here are both of them.
The thing that i don't like about them is that they are really sparkly (espesially the coconut lime one) and they are quite sticky!The colours are pretty light.First is raspberry and then coconut.
The raspberry is a bit pink on the lips and the coconut looks like clear.

Pallette:Positive,especially if you like bright colours
Lipgloss:Pretty negative,cute packaging,nice smell but really sticky...Noone likes sticky lipglosses!

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