Make my day

me and my dog's nose xD

What i'm wearing:
Wedge ankle boots:zara
Oversized sweater: just a reeaaaaally old one from my dads "collection"
Black leggings

Today was a pretty crappy day.
It started all messed up if you think that it took me 2 and half hours to go from my house to university (it normally takes me 1 hour and half)...Then i was running to make it in time for my exam (which i pretty much failed cause every question was like from a different book,i didn't know a thing),and ok these ankle boots are really comfortable but they're not running shoes!!When i finally started returning home it took me about 2 + hours because the subway drivers+ bus drivers were on a strike!!
It was really nice returning home and watching my dog doing silly things in order to get my attention...
well... I'm just hoping for a better day tomorrow :)

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